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Sold from 2016 - 2017
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Firmware update
Version: 4.2
Release date: July 4, 2018
Release notes
Software Update v4.2
  • Version 4.2 enables to take full advantage of motorcycle infotainment systems and GPS devices.*

This new feature will allow you to use your bike’s infotainment system (Such as BMW’s TFT and similar systems) or a 3rd party GPS device, as a connecting platform between the phone and your Cardo unit.

*Actual performance may differ from system to system

  • Improved phone call sound quality for iOS devices with version 11.2.5 and up.
  • Minor Bug fixes
Software Update v4.0
New added features and usability:
  • Simplified button operation
  • The ability to use the NEW Cardo Connect App (iOS / Android)
  • DMC bridge for connection of non-DMC units to the DMC group added
  • DMC private chat for having one-on-one conversations within the group added
  • Major bug fixes
  • Improved operability
  • Support for future upgrades


By upgrading the following functions will not be available anymore:
  • Current button operation
  • The ability to use the existing SmartSet app (iOS / Android)
  • Click-to-link
  • 1+8 intercom toggle
  • Voice menus
  • Music scan
  • FM auto tuning
Mobile applications
Cardo Connect

Watch. Learn. Ride.

Cardo- Firmware update 4.0
Cardo- Firmware update 4.0
Smartpack spare parts & accessories
Compact speaker set for helmets with small ear cavities.
Thick 40mm High-Definition speaker Set for ultimate sound experience
40mm Thin Speakers
Thin and wide for high-end audio experience
An additional audio kit for moving the unit easly between helmets. includes all required gear mounting plus 32mm speaker set.
Adhesive plate for gluing a mounting kit on helmet
Mounting cradle with an extra-long boom microphone for half halmets, ski helmets and other non-motorcyle helmets.
Includes onecorded & one hybrid boom microphones
Speaker repositioning Pad...
Places speakers closer to ears, improving volume level & sound quality.
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