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Meet Packtalk BOLD


Setting a New Standard
All the qualities that made Cardo famous, at an incredible introductory price.

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The Cardo difference
Dynamic Mesh Communications
A next-generation intercom that makes your ride simple. Set your intercom group once and forget about it. Our field-proven Dynamic Mesh (DMC) technology will take care of the rest.
No matter what you throw at it, your waterproof unit will take the beating and keep you connected. Rain, shine, mud, dust or snow.
natural voice operation
Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the bars. Just say "Hey Cardo" and tell it what you want, it will do the rest.
Sound by JBL
Powerful, high-definition speakers and specially-tuned audio processor deliver a sound experience like no other.
Plus all the other great things you've come
to expect from Cardo…
Live Intercom

Live sound. Live Connection. Experience exceptional audio quality with our all-new auto-reconnecting Bluetooth intercom.

Audio Streaming

For incredible audio streaming sound, HD speakers come as standard audio. Our premium products come with upgraded speakers with sound by JBL. Upgrade even further to the 45mm speakers with sound by JBL with our Audio Set.


Built-in FM Radio with RDS for automatic selection of the strongest signal – whether you are in town, or in the middle of nowhere.


We invented the world’s best motorcycle intercom to keep you connected in duo, in a group of four, or in a pack of up to fifteen riders.

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Rider's reviews
Technology is at its best when you simply don’t have to think about it
Technology is at its best when you simply don’t have to think about it, when it fades into the background of your life and makes things easier. The Packtalks did just that
June 14, 2021
The next level of off-road communication systems
Packtalk Bold makes the enjoyable ride that much better.
May 23, 2021
Looks great on my helmet
Slim is super easy to install
Julio s
May 13, 2021
Cardo and JBL rock
The main reason I bought these was for the music
May 10, 2021
Happy with my Cardo Freecom 2+
I've been using this Cardo Freecom 2+ for about six months and really like it
May 06, 2021
Great product
Noise cancellation works extremely well.
Alfonso .O
May 06, 2021
Those who have not had a communication system while riding do not know what they
Those who have not had a communication system while riding do not know what they are missing
Oskar C
May 01, 2021
The sound is louder than you would ever need
Set up is easy, good headset - overall good quality
Quick family
April 29, 2021
These little communicators are amazing
These little communicators are amazing, allowing up to 15 riders to chat on the same network without having to fight locals for a two-way channel
April 25, 2021
Great Quality!!
10/10 recommend these!
Pamela V.
April 13, 2021

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