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Key Features

  •  Rugged and robust design
  •  Magnetic Air Mount
  •  Passive noise reduction (NRR 15)
  •  Ready for off-road vehicle use
  •  Compatible with PACKTALK EDGE


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The Perfect Headset for your
PACKTALK EDGE Communicator

PACKTALK EDGEPHONES are the ideal companion for connecting with your friends, trainees, or content creators in the field, the forest, on track, or on a trail ride.






Seamless Connectivity

PACKTALK EDGEPHONES bring enhanced communication in noisy environments with seamless connectivity and clear sound by JBL.

Efficient Training Experience

PACKTALK EDGEPHONES provide the most rewarding and effective training experience.


PACKTALK EDGEPHONES ensure a controlled training process with better confidence in the task at hand.

Comfortable and Easy to Handle

PACKTALK EDGEPHONES are comfortable to wear for hours, are easy to use, and are robust to withstand outdoor conditions.

Interactive and Fun

PACKTALK EDGEPHONES elevate your session with an interactive and fun experience for your trainees, children, or friends!


Passive noise reduction designed for NRR15
Magnetic Air Mount
Rugged and robust design
Noise filtering microphone
Compact folding
Ready for
off-road vehicle use



• Passive noise reduction:
designed for NRR 15

• Operating Temperature:
-20˚C to 55˚C / -4˚ F to 131 ˚ F

• Headphone Dimensions:
When open: 100mm x 100mm x 50mm
When folded: 155mm x 140mm x 80mm
Weight: 260g

• Carrying case:
Dimensions: 180mm x 160mm x 100mm
Weight: 130g


• Dimensions: 40mm

• 40mm JBL speaker driver

• Over-Ear

• Nominal Impedance: 32Ω±20%

• SPL: 124± 3dB

• Re:  31.5Ω± 10%

• THD: Max 3%

How big is the carrying case?
The protective, rugged carrying case has been designed to comfortably store the EDGEPHONES when not used. The dimensions of the case are: 180mm x 160mm x 100mm.
Are the EDGEPHONES speakers replaceable?
The speakers are an inherent part of the EDGEPHONES, and are not replaceable.
Are the EDGEPHONES weatherproof?
Yes, EDGEPHONES is a weather-resistant product.
Can I replace the mic?
Yes, the EDGEPHONES mic is removable and can be replaced.
Can I replace the paddings?
Yes, the EDGEPHONES paddings are replaceable.
Can I wear the EDGEPHONES for long hours?
Absolutely. EDGEPHONES are ergonomically designed and offer a high NRR 15 Noise Protection capability and a noise-filtering microphone.
Do the EDGEPHONES offer sound by JBL?
Yes, EDGEPHONES include 40mm speaker driver.
Does Cardo offer a warranty for the EDGEPHONES, or only for the EDGE units?
Cardo offers a 2-year warranty for the EDGEPHONES and 3 years for the PACKTALK EDGE unit.
How does the PACKTALK EDGE mount on the EDGEPHONES?
PACKTALK EDGE has a magnetic Air Mount and is very easily mounted to the EDGEPHONES. Just put the EDGE unit near the cradle and it will snap automatically.

What’s in the Box?

Carrying case
Edgephones with magnetic Air Mount
Detachable microphone
Installation guide


When Cardo send me something for test, I always want to try it fast, because I know it’s going to be very good. The headphones surprise even before take them out of the box. Once you try them, you can understand all the effort behind this product. It’s practical, easy to connect and even easier to use. Thank you Cardo for making my life easier and being connected with my riders.

Kirian Mirabet

Cardo is special. Here’s why…

The Cardo Difference

Enjoy premium sound from the masters at JBL whether you are listening to a podcast or just ripping it with ACDC.

Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) is the most capable motorcycle communication system in the world. Plain and simple.

No matter what you throw at it, your waterproof will take the beating and keep you connected. Come rain, shine, mud, dust or snow.

With our all-new, always-on, Natural Voice Operation, you will never have to press a button, turn a wheel or move a slider again, we have just empowered your voice.


US$ 149.95Pre-Order Now