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Upgrade to the ultimate sound experience with 45mm speakers set and matching software

The science of sound
Founded more than 70 years ago JBL has been a magnet for audiophiles of every generation. Over months, JBL acousticians, mechanical experts and software engineers have modified and optimized all audio elements of Cardo's intercom systems to deliver a whole new 45 mm set of the best sound ever in a motorcycle communication system.
The best fit
Achieving good audio quality inside a motorcycle helmet is demanding. The wind, the road, the engine and the type of helmet, all affect the frequencies you hear. With that in mind, these 45 mm speakers combine the sound only a large diameter driver can provide, with a narrow, 42 mm base that can fit almost every modern helmet.
Join the sound revolution
With a standard 3.5mm jack, these speakers fit practically any communicator on the market, no matter what brand. Owners of Cardo FREECOM and PACKTALK series will enjoy extra boost with new JBL sound processor and firmware. Not a FREECOM or PACKTALK owner? No worries: this powerful hardware will still drive your headset audio performance to new heights.
Riders reviews
Anyone that is interested in the new 45mm Cardo JBL speaker prepare to be blown
If you like your audio loud with alot of punch you will really like the new 45mm JBL. The Vocals sounded smooth and full no tiny sounds.
April 28, 2019
Mine sounds amazing
Mine sounds amazing
G. Spencer, Facebook
April 28, 2019
The speakers work amazing with my Packtalk.
The speakers work amazing with my Packtalk.
S. Stumbo, Facebook
April 28, 2019
May 15, 2019
Love them with my Packtalk Slim
Love them with my Packtalk Slim
Lars VK, Facebook
May 22, 2019
I received my JBL set. The sound is amazing
I received my JBL set. The sound is amazing
Philippe M, Facebook
May 22, 2019
The sound is very impressive!!!
The sound is very impressive!!!
Stephen M.P, Facebook
May 22, 2019
These things BLAST
These are so much louder than the stock speakers that came with the Cardo Packtalk Bold I purchased last year.
Brent T
June 05, 2019
Game changer, even for the lone wolf
Game changer, even for the lone wolf
June 05, 2019
They sound great
They sound great
Don S
June 25, 2019
I love my new JBL 45mm speakers
I love my new JBL 45mm speakers
Warren L
June 25, 2019
Couldn't be happier with the upgrade
 While riding I can now distinguish every word from someone talking to me on the intercom at 70MPH
Harry B. YouTube
June 25, 2019
The audio quality is noticeably better than the stock speakers
The audio quality is noticeably better than the stock speakers
Cruiseman's Garage
June 25, 2019
Best helmet headphones I've ever used
Best helmet headphones I've ever used
Ross W, Amazon
July 14, 2019
What's in the box?
45mm JBL Speakers For helmets
  • 45mm AUDIO SET
What am I getting?
JBL Approved 45 mm Speakers
JBL Sound Processing
JBL Equalizer Sound Profiles
PACKTALK Bold JBL (2019)
PACKTALK Slim JBL (2019)
PACKTALK Bold (2018)
PACKTALK Slim (2018)
Legacy Cardo Products with a 3.5mm jack
Non-Cardo Products with a 3.5mm jack
* JBL sound processor already exists in the product
How do I activate my 45mm Audio set?
  1. Don't have our "Cardo Connect" app yet? Now would be a good time to Download it from the "Google Play" or "App Store," Get ready to elevate your sound experience!
  2. The app feels lonely, time to pair your mobile phone to the Cardo device so they could talk to each other.
  3. Let the activation begin: Enter the "Cardo Connect" app and go to the "settings" screen by pressing the icon on the upper left side of the home screen.
  4. In the "settings" screen you will see the "Audio profile" with a lock on its right side: time to pick that lock.
  5. Press the "audio profiles" where you will find the "Scan QR code" button. You are one step away from upgrading your sound.
  6. Once you Press "Scan QR code," you will be able to scan the QR code, printed inside your audio kit package.
  7. If you can't scan the QR code for some reason, you can press "enter the key manually." You can then enter the code printed below the QR code.
  8. Congratulations, you now have the best in class audio experience — time to show it off on social media.
  • The QR code attached to the 45mm audio set is good for one unit only.
What sound profiles are available with the 45mm Audio set?
Packtalk owners (including all Packtalk variants, Smartpack & SmartH) will enjoy three sound profiles specially designed by JBL sound engineers. These include Standard, Bass Boost, and Vocal. Sound profiles are accessible via the Cardo Connect App. Freecom owners will enjoy one audio profile (Standard). Other communicators do not have specially designed profiles.
Will the 45mm set fit inside my helmet?
The 45mm Audio Set is designed with a narrow 42mm base which means it would fit most modern helmets. If you are replacing a currently installed Cardo 40mm speakers, it is almost certain the new pair will fit inside. When in doubt, measure your Helmet’s ear cavities before ordering.
Do I need to upgrade the firmware of my device before installing?
Owners of Packtalk (including all Packtalk variants, Smartpack & SmatH) and Freecoms, will first need to update device firmware to the latest version before proceeding. Updating the firmware will ensure maximum audio performance. Owners of other communicators (from Cardo, or other brands) do not have a specially designed firmware and are not requested to perform any firmware update before connecting the speakers.
Which motorcycle communication system is compatible with the 45mm Audio set?
The 45mm Audio Set fit any communicator with a standard 3.5mm audio jack. Packtalk & Freecom owners will enjoy additional sound boost by installing and activating the specially-designed JBL firmware.
I have already purchased a “Sound by JBL” Cardo product. Do I need to purchase the 45mm Audio set”?
While your 2019 Packtalk Bold, Packtalk Slim, and Freecom 4+ come already equipped with Sound by JBL speakers and firmware, the 45mm Audio Set will allow for an even further improvement to your audio experience. No firmware update is needed.
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Cardo Connect
The Cardo Connect App unlocks the full potential of your Cardo units and even lets you configure it on the go! In addition, the App offers you intuitive remote controlled operation from the screen of your smartphone.
Unlock it’s full power
Keep your Cardo communication system updated with the latest firmware. We keep improving our units as part of our commitment to our riders.
Claim your warranty
Register your unit on the Cardo Community and receive two years of warranty from the date of purchase.
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