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Packtalk Edge Release Notes

Release notes PACKTAK EDGE v2.7

  1. Join the Party!
    Packtalk Edge users can join existing 1st gen DMC groups of Packtalk Bold/Black/Slim. The existing system admin adds Packtalk Edge users like any other 1st gen Packtalk.
  2. Left your smartphone on mute? No problem!
    A muted smartphone will still ring in your helmet when a call is coming.
  3. Orange bleeders, your supported KTM TFT now correctly transfers “OK Google” commands. It now also works better with Siri.
  4. Share the vibe AND the intercom.
    When sharing music over DMC bridge, both parties can now continue to chat via the DMC intercom in parallel.
  5. Love your GPS? We have improved the robustness, reliability, and consistency of GPS vocal instructions transfer through your headset.
  6. Automatic Volume Control now works more smoothly and seamlessly.
    Just remember to enable the Automatic Volume Control feature through your app settings (off by default).
  7. Improved stability and bug fixes – it’s like your motorcycle went through a good oil change and tune-up but without the mess and grease stains.

Firmware upgrade (version 2.6) release notes:

  1. Natural Voice Operation performance has been improved to help you with hands-free riding.
  2. We improved music and intercom audio mixing – like a recalibration of your brakes but with better sound!
  3. Your audio experience has been fine-tuned even further with a new “background music” setting in the Cardo Connect App. 
  4. We’ve caught some Bugs on our visor and had them cleaned off.

Firmware 2.1

  1. The second generation of Cardo’s Dynamic Mesh Communication is now available – lighting fast pairing and wideband high-definition voice taking group communication to the next level
  2. Looking to connect to riders with non-mesh units?
    The Packtalk Edge now supports Universal Bluetooth intercom, including auto reconnection and full Live intercom capability with supported devices. Use the Cardo Connect to switch to Bluetooth mode and pair. Once paired, use the intercom button to start or stop Bluetooth intercom calls
    The world’s best noise filtering microphone just got even better, clearing even more of the ambient noise and making sure your voice comes over crystal clear during intercom or phone calls
  3. Riding with a passenger using a non-mesh unit?
  4. DMC – Bluetooth Bridge is now available, allowing you to add any Bluetooth headset to the Mesh conference. Just make sure to pair it over Bluetooth using the Cardo Connect App, and adding the passenger to the group call will be available via a triple click on the intercom button
  5. Got a phone call and want to share it with the group?
    A phone – DMC conference is a 2-second intercom button press away
  6. Want to have a private conversion with one of your mesh group members?
    Private chat is now available in the Packtalk Edge. Just select your private chat partner in the Cardo Connect app, and you will be able to easily move between the group conference and the private chat by double-clicking the intercom button
  7. We’ve caught some Bugs on our visor and had them cleaned off