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Freecom 4x Release Notes

Release Notes 3.0

The below notes refer to users of FREECOM 4x, FREECOM 2x, SPIRIT HD and SPIRIT.

  1. Your unit now supports Open Bluetooth Intercom (Obi) – a new cross-industry standard allowing supported units from Cardo, Midland, and UClear to communicate seamlessly with one another. OBi will be activated automatically when paired to a supported device. No further toggling is needed.
  2. For non-OBi units, your unit can now integrate with any other Bluetooth brand more seamlessly. All you need to do is to pair your unit in Bluetooth mode like you would do to any other Cardo Unit. The other branded unit will pair through its own “universal pairing” channel. No more choosing between pairing to a non-Cardo unit or keeping your phone connection.
  3. Love leaving voice messages on your messaging app? WeChat, WhatsApp & Skype voice messages will now stream into your device more fluidly
  4. For our Spanish-speaking audience we say, “Hola Amigos!” We have resolved the issue of the system performing an unwanted “Redial Number” during an intercom chat.
  5. Two-way radio users (Professionals and first intervention units) the new software version will now allow integrating two-way radio input into an active mobile call. Function needs to be activated via the CardoConnect app setting screen.
  6. As always, we added some bug fixes. Essentially, it’s like adjusting your chain but without the injured fingers and messy grease stains.

Software Update 2.1

  • Fixed music and navigation sound quality issues
    in phones running Android 12th.

Cardo Updater 3.4

  1. Support for the new Freecom X and Spirit products has been added
  2. We’ve caught some Bugs on our visor and had them cleaned off.