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Sustainability in Motion

Social Impact

Cardo is dedicated to creating a fair and just workplace
that celebrates diversity and inclusion, as well as safety.
We are proud to support our local community through social investment projects,
and we encourage our employees to actively participate in these volunteer opportunities.

At Cardo Systems Ltd. (“Cardo”), we are committed to being more than just a communication device company.

We are dedicated to being stewards to the environment, a positive resource to the community, and an advocate for human rights.

Our main objective at Cardo is to balance the needs of our customers, employees, community, and the environment.

Explore our policies on environmental commitment, social impact, and responsible governance to see how our ESG strategies influence our business decisions and company culture.


Work place Environment and Employment

At Cardo, we care deeply about the well-being and success of our employees. Our workplace environment and employment policies outline how we create and ecosystem that promotes work-life balance, health, safety, and equality.

Anti – Harassment and non – Discrimination Policy

Diversity and Inclusion Policy


Community Engagement

The company’s global community investment includes employee volunteering, donations to non-profit organizations (in cash or in kind) and support of community activities with a variety of social partners.
In 2021, 25% of Cardo employees volunteered, totaling 100 hours.
Following are some examples of Community programs that Cardo supports:

Community Investment Policy