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Packtalk Edge replacement module


US$ 358.75

Packtalk Edge replacement unit.

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Product Details

The Cardo Packtalk Edge is one of the lightest and most reliable motorcycle helmet communication devices on the road today. But you can always buy a replacement module for your Packtalk Edge if you need a new one. The replacement module headset works with the rest of your Packtalk Edge kit, including the air mount. Just bring it close to the mount and it will automatically latch on without falling off. 

The replacement headset has everything you love about your original headset module. It’s waterproof, lightweight and extremely easy to use. It comes with 40mm JBL speakers for superior sound quality and our signature dynamic mesh communication (DMC) technology to help you stay connected as a group. You won’t lose signal if a member of your team falls out of formation. It creates a direct link between every person in the group for uninterrupted conversation. If you fall behind, the device will automatically reconnect once you are back in range. 

The Packtalk Edge is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, but it never hurts to have a replacement on hand. You never know when a car or your buddy could run over your headset by mistake. If you like to put your helmet communication devices through the wringer, grab a replacement module to bring along a backup in case of emergency. 

Don’t forget about Cardo’s 3-year warranty for all Bluetooth headsets and accessories. See if your warranty is still valid to save money when ordering a replacement module.