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Not sure how we ever made do without it

We’ve been riding with Cardo’s newest Bluetooth helmet communicator, the Packtalk Edge, since the beginning of the year, and we’re not sure how we ever made do without it. It’s hard to exaggerate the pleasure of having high-quality JBL audio hard-wired into your helmet 24/7, whether you’re listening to music on the way to the gym or a catching up on a few podcasts over a long road trip.

We wore the Edge on recent two-wheeled trips to Spain and Patagonia this year, and we’re happy to report it’s performed flawlessly. Rain, wind, mud… You name it, the Edge handles it without skipping a beat. Battery life is good for a full day in the saddle on a single charge, connectivity to your phone is automatic once you’ve done the initial pairing, and as a bonus, Cardo now includes over-the-air software updates for the Edge as well.

We’re also fond of the Edge’s rider-to-rider communication system, which leverages either the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology for a two-person chat (great if you’re riding with a passenger) or Cardo’s own “Dynamic Mesh Communication” system, which allows you to seamlessly communicate with an entire group of riders with up to five miles of range. It’s ideal for calling out directions, oncoming traffic, or points of interest to the rest of your group, or just letting your buddies know when your gas tank is getting low or your bladder is getting full.—Kurt Spurlock, Men’s Journal contributor


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