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Miguel N
I use my Edge to stay linked to my riding partners, passengers, iPhone, and GPS

The Cardo Packtalk Edge—the latest iteration of a long lineage of advancing technology Cardo Systems communication units—is for those riders who want to connect to people, music, and technology. However, if you are a Then Came Bronson type, it still might be for you.

We had tested a pre-production Cardo Packtalk Edge, and now it’s time to dive into a unit with all the features active.

I use my Edge to stay linked to my riding partners, passengers, iPhone, and GPS. There are 25 spoken phrases the Edge recognizes, plus multiple combinations of three summer-glove-pressable buttons and a roller wheel.

To utilize the Edge to its fullest capabilities—especially if you plan on interacting with many other Cardo and non-Cardo riders—you should be comfortable using your smartphone and the Cardo Connect app. There are features of the Edge that can only be accessed or activated from the app. The 30-page downloadable manual explains all the features and how to access them. Cardo Systems’ YouTube channel has a very helpful installation and operation instruction video.

The Cardo Packtalk Edge installation kit provides all the components needed for 3/4, full-face, and modular helmet installations. If you ride with a half-helmet, Cardo offers you a $46 microphone adapter kit.

Each Edge kit contains a choice of a clip-on mount or stick-on mount. Use the included boom mic if you have a modular or open-face helmet. A full-face helmet can use the wired mic or the boom.

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