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Miguel N
I'm in! PACKTALK EDGE, you had me at - "Hey, Cardo…”!

Rider-to-rider in-helmet communication systems have become immensely popular. And like all technology, these devices have seen rapid improvements in their quality and ability. While riders like myself, ride for the solitary nature motorcycling offers, there are many – including those with passengers – who prefer riding with others for a more “shared” riding experience. And then features such as obtaining navigation instructions, traffic updates, listening to music or guiding other riders around the pothole ahead have made these devices popular. Despite all the advantages, I’ve made it a practice to encourage riders to minimalize use of in-helmet comms in order to fully focus on the road. Now, in testing out Cardo’s latest tech – the Cardo PACKTALK EDGE with hands-free Voice Commands and quick on/off air mount – I’m in! PACKTALK EDGE, you had me at – “Hey, Cardo . . . “!
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