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Sustainability in Motion


Our Code of Conduct breaks down expectations, policies
and responsibilities for the company and out employees.
We are committed to holding our suppliers accountable and working
with companies that share similar values to Cardo.
Our policies, such as anti-bribery and data privacy,
ensure we are in compliance with the best practices in the industry.

At Cardo Systems Ltd. (“Cardo”), we are committed to being more than just a communication device company.

We are dedicated to being stewards to the environment, a positive resource to the community, and an advocate for human rights.

Our main objective at Cardo is to balance the needs of our customers, employees, community, and the environment.

Explore our policies on environmental commitment, social impact, and responsible governance to see how our ESG strategies influence our business decisions and company culture.

Responsible Governance

Cardo’s Code of Conduct

At Cardo, we strive to make the lives of our customers better and safer through a suite of innovative technological communication solutions. It is important to all of us at Cardo that our company operates in a transparent and ethical manner that upholds the law and promotes human dignity and health for our customers, stakeholders and each other.
Our Code of Conduct outlines our firm’s expectations of ethical professional behavior for the company, all its employees, as well as suppliers and distributors. It is accompanied by the Supplier Code of Conduct which specifies the standards expected in the Supplier-Buyer relationship.

Responsible Governance

Supplier Code of Conduct

At Cardo, we strongly believe that our responsibility to society and the environment extends along the entire supply chain. Therefore, we aim to enhance the same business ethical values and standards with our suppliers, by establishing and implementing this Supplier Code of Ethics.
The code outlines the principles of Cardo and its expectations for its suppliers regarding labor ethics, working conditions, health and safety and the environment.

Responsible Governance

Responsible Management

Cardo is committed to protecting its customers, employees, and stakeholders. Having responsible management practices ensure that governance is in place to handle any situation that may arise.

Check out our policies to see how Cardo is keeping up with best practices.