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5 Unique Gifts for Motorcycle Riders


’Tis the season to celebrate the motorcycle rider in your life. The good news is that motorcycle aficionados are surprisingly easy to shop for considering how much they love their bikes. Anything that helps them celebrate their love for riding is bound to put a smile on their face this holiday season. Some accessories and motorcycle gifts are more practical than other, there’s only so much Harley Davidson memorabilia one person can own. We recommend getting them something that will help them make the most of their time on the road. Here are some of the best unique gifts for motorcycle riders:

Bluetooth Headset with DMC

A Bluetooth headset is by far one of the most important accessories any rider can have. The headset fits seamlessly into their helmet without obstructing their view of the road and connects wirelessly to all their electronic devices, including their cell phone, radio, and GPS for hands-free communication. You will need to get them a motorcycle Bluetooth headset that’s compatible with their current helmet. 

There are dozens of different headsets on the market today, but the best options use what’s known as dynamic mesh communication (DMC). Instead of linking all the riders based on their formation, the system creates a direct link between them and every rider in the group so they won’t have to reconnect every time someone falls out of range. If they get too far away from their companions, the device will automatically reconnect – no button pressing required. 

If they are using a skull cap or half-face helmet, they will need a half helmet Bluetooth headset instead. It comes with an adjustable mic to keep the conversation going. 

Spread Some Joy with a Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset

Phone Mount

Once they can connect wirelessly to their mobile device, they will need a secure place to store their device while riding. They may also need to look down at the screen from time to time to look at the map. Help them keep their phone or GPS in the right position with a phone mount. It’s best to secure the device to the handlebars. It should be close enough to their view of the road without obstructing it. They should be able to see the information they need without taking their eyes off their surroundings. If they are stopped, they can easily interact with their device without having to pull it out of their pocket. 

bike helmet


Rear View Camera 

Drivers of cars can see behind them when they reverse, so why not motorcycle riders? There are now several back-up cameras available for motorcycle riders. They act as a dash cam and a rear-facing camera so riders can record every second of their trip. It’s perfect for vlogging and vehicle protection. They can go back through the footage in case of an accident to see what happened or who was to blame. 

They will need to attach a rear camera to the bumper, handlebars, or both. The kit should come with a mountable display monitor so they can see what’s happening behind them in real-time. 

Half Helmet? Use a Half Helmet Bluetooth Headset Instead

Cushioned Heated Riding Gloves

They will need to use their hands to control the motorcycle, but frigid temperatures can leave their hands feeling numb, which inhibits their ability to control the bike. Riding in the winter increases the risk of slips and accidents, so lets ensure our riders have full control of their hands.

According the the Mayo Clinic, “The numbness we feel in our hands is usually caused by damage, irritation, and compression of one of the nerves or a branch of one of the nerves in your arm and wrist.” It’s largely due to the fact that the ulnar and median nerves run right through the palms, which are the same spots most riders use to support their weight on a bike.

You can help protect their hands by getting them a pair of heated and cushioned riding gloves. These gloves will keep extreme temperatures at bay, while relieving the amount of pressure they put on their hands. This will help them travel farther with less pain in their wrists.

motorcycle rider on road


Riding Cushion

Riding can also be uncomfortable. It’s not uncommon for riders to walk with a limp or bad gait after driving for hours at a time. The constant vibrations can damage the nerve endings. Help them stay comfortable while they ride with an aftermarket riding cushion. It will help absorb the vibrations for less impact on the body.

Use this guide to find the perfect gift for the motorcycle rider in your life. The right piece of gear can make all the difference in the world.