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Ways to communicate during COVID-19

How to Stay Connected During COVID-19: 3 Fun Apps to Use

Do you miss riding anc chatting with your freinds? Now, when the COVID-19 virus is effecting all of us, staying connected is not always an easy task. In this post you will find some of the best ways to keep in touch with the people you love.

When riding in groups, using a Bluetooth headset is a great way to stay connected. But now, when the COVID-19 virus is effecting all of us, staying connected is not always an easy task.

In this post, we will try to make this task a bit more simple with some of our favorite tools.

Stay Connected with These Fun Apps

ZOOM- An easy way to stay connected via video conference calls

When it comes to communicating in large groups, ZOOM is the “PACKTALK BOLD” of the video world. This easy-to-use platform enables multi-participant conference video calls that (in most cases) delivers a steady communication that doesn’t break.

The good: Works on both your desktop and mobile, reliable, multi-participant.

The bad: For the unpaid version, there is a time limit.

Tip: When using a video, you can change the background to hide your surroundings (if you didn’t clean your room…) or just to add some fun. You can learn more here.

WhatsApp- When Facebook and your phone get together

WhatsApp, a messenger app now owned by Facebook, as a very easy way to communicate with your contact list. Once installed, you can easily message your contacts via this fun app.

The good: It is super easy to use and you can create groups to discuss different subjects, such as family, friends, etc.

The bad: While you call via video, there is no conference mode. Also, if you get a mobile call, the WhatsApp call will automatically cut off.

Tip: You can install it on your desktop as well, and use it without checking your phone every time you get a message. Learn more here.

Snapchat filter
SnapCam: Add some extra flavor to your next meeting

Microsoft Teams- Make the most of your Microsoft Office 365 account

If you work in an organization that uses Microsoft Office 365, you should really consider using this app. Teams is a messaging app that can also be used as a video call app. And the best thing? If your organization uses Office 365, everyone in your organization is already on teams and you don’t need to start adding anyone’s contact information.

The good: A perfect solution for your organization, simply because of the fact that all of your colleagues are already there.

The bad: It is not as reliable and robust as ZOOM, so if you are not a part of a company that uses Office 365, there is really no reason to use it.

Tip: You can create teams based on other Office 365 tools, such as Planner, SharePoint and more.

What is your favorite way to communicate these days? Have you adopted any new technologies? Let us know!

One last tip: Do you want to turn any video call into an unforgettable, fun, and creative experience? Just install the SnapCam to add some extra flavor to your next meeting.