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"Inside Maria’s helmet were earphones and a microphone that were part of a new Bluetooth device called a cardo BK-1 that made talking to Maria from the follow vehicle as easy as if she was sitting in the seat next to us.  Back on the road, Carly began reading from the torrent of love and support flowing through Facebook...."


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Thank you for you and your companies help in our tour. As you may have seen we made it to Istanbul as planned on the 1st July covering 4,624km and so far raising £3400 for our charity Cancer Research UK. After travelling all that way we can also say that the cardo BK-1 device worked absolutely perfectly the whole way...


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We're a small mountain bike racing team that's big on advocacy and community involvement, including promoting women's participation in the sport. In mountain biking, safety comes first, and the Cardo BK-1 is designed so you can ride, take calls or chat with other riders without taking your hands off the bars.


cardo BK-1 Testimonialmore details…

This is the best thing I have ever owned. The convenience of bluetooth for both listening and communications. Great for group bike rides where two guides are needed to keep the group together and communicating to the front what is happening in the rear of the ride. Great on both road and mountain bike rides. The access of a communicator like the cardo BK-1 is essential on all rides but most of all for long distance rides. Thank you very much.


cardo BK-1 DUO Testimonialmore details…

Hello Cardo! I finally had a chance to test out the BK-1 Duo I won back around Valentines Day. WOW! I will admit I honestly had low expectations on the sound quality between 2 riders communicating over Bluetooth. MAN WAS I WRONG!! These ROCK!! We were out with a group of 12 Mountain Bikers. I had headset 1 and my girlfriend had headset 2. at first the volume seemed a little low until we got moving then the noise cancellation kicked in and i could hear her as if she were right next to me.


cardo BK-1 Testimonial more details…

My wife and I only have about 10% of our eyesight (my wife worse than me). We love to ride trails. We recently did a fund raiser to raise money for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. We biked 350km across Prince Edward Island (Canada) over 7 days and raised over $5,000. We would not have been able to do this easily without the Cardo BK-1. It was exactly what we needed. I used it to warning signals to my wife if there is an obstacle coming up. Thank you!

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