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cardo BK-1™

November, 2011 – Cardo Systems, Inc., the world’s market leader in Bluetooth® communications for motorcycle helmets, today announced the launch of the cardo BK-1™, the world’s first intercom communication and entertainment system for cyclists.

The cardo BK-1 is a revolutionary product in the cycling world, allowing people to remain in touch with crystal clear, full duplex intercom. Mountain bikers will experience a lot more freedom and road cyclists a lot more safety!

The cardo BK-1 provides cyclists with 2 and 3-way Bike-to-Bike intercom at a remarkable range of up to 500 meters*/1640 feet. Participants can talk and listen simultaneously in true conference mode (unlike a walkie-talkie).

While riding each cyclist can also independently use their Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, GPS device and MP3 player (connected wirelessly via A2DP or via the cable provided). With its intuitive embedded voice control, the cyclist almost never need remove his hands from the handlebars. A simple “yes”, for example, will accept an incoming intercom call.

The cardo BK-1 fits virtually any bicycle helmet and its stylish design is also robust, aerodynamic and lightweight (main module under 50 grams). It is also waterproof and dustproof and will adapt easily to any environmental conditions. Its high-end speakers hover above the ears without touching them - allowing for maximum comfort while still providing rich stereo sound.

In addition cardo BK-1 users will be able to keep their device up-to-date with the latest features and functions by downloading periodic software upgrades from their PC.

"The cardo BK-1 will add a new dimension of freedom and safety to the joy of cycling. We are convinced that the cardo BK-1 will quickly become a ‘must-have’ accessory for all cyclists" says Albert Ashkenazy, VP Sales & Marketing Cardo Systems.

The cardo BK-1 will empower cyclists worldwide with advanced connectivity while on the go, offering the best communication and entertainment technology without compromising comfort, safety and fun.

*Range may vary according to terrain