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scala rider Audio Kit for Half-helmetmore details…

“The new audio and microphone half-helmet kit will join up with some of the most popular lines of Cardo Bluetooth systems and enables rider to rider communications for those who prefer to wear half helmets out on the road.”

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scala rider G4more details…

“No matter the final qualitative assessment on the dedicated A2DP channel feature, the overall outcome of this version release is that feature and performance yardsticks have been advanced once more.”

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scala rider G4more details…

“But the best feature is the reach. The G4 lets you communicate up to a remarkable one mile. Perfect for talking with your buddy on another bike, or your girl telling you she fell off a while back.”

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scala rider Q2more details…

The Q2 does everything the manufacturer claims it can do. This is the first time in the last 10 years that we have ever used helmet to helmet communication, and we both agreed, that it was nice to be able to easily chitchat with each other while we were out for a ride. As far as voice quality, on a scale of five with five being the best or a typical mobile phone voice quality, we both gave the Q2 a four-plus.

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scala rider Q2 PROmore details…

“It is nice to be able to talk to your fellow rider, and indeed riders as this Q2 set accepts another pairing so you’ve got a loop of 3 headsets.”

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scala rider G4more details…

“But the best part of the G4 is its audio capabilities...”

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scala rider G4more details…

“Installation is easy and only takes about 5 minutes.”

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scala rider G4more details…

“All in all this motorcycle helmet bluetooth communication unit is doing what it set up to do, and doing it well. It is pretty easy to use and has all the functionality that you would expect from a helmet bluetooth communication device. “


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