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scala rider G4 PowerSetmore details…

“Four lucky Women Riders Now readers are each receiving a Scala Rider G4 PowerSet communication system by Cardo Systems as winners in a contest sponsored by WRN and Cardo Systems. The giveaway was offered during the month of May to celebrate Women Riders Month.”

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scala rider G4more details…

“Cardo System's new Scala Rider G4 units not only expand your three word vocabulary, they throw in FM radio, Bluetooth, MP3's, GPS links and easy sync operations with other units for clear and seamless mid-cruise communications.“

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scala rider Q2more details…

“The Q2 and its navigation, MP3, phone, inter-rider and inter-bike wireless links can be a lifesaver.”

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scala rider Q2 MultiSetmore details…

“You're either SWAT or you're not. With the Cardo Systems Scala Rider MultiSet Q2 system you get the cool factor without having to get shot at, and you can make your riding safer to boot.”

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scala rider G4more details…

“If it seems like communication between on-road motorcyclists just keeps getting easier, Cardo intends to keep that trend alive.”

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scala rider G4more details…

“Bottom line: the application works as advertised in providing a dynamic and interactive means to maintain, update and (down the road) enhance the G4 systems.”

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scala rider G4more details…

“Through the canyons and on the freeway we never lost a signal. You simply begin talking and your partner hears what you have to say. You can't beat that. Range is claimed to be good for up to 540 yards, and while we weren't counting the feet we didn't lose contact even when we were nearly out of straight-line sight.”

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scala rider G4more details…

“Cardo Systems, another Bluetooth product manufacturer, tends to look at its target audience on a broader scale.”

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scala rider G4more details…

“The scala rider G4 from Cardo Systems is the most feature-rich, bike-to-bike Bluetooth headset on the market.”

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scala rider G4more details…

“The month of May is Women Riders Month and Women Riders Now (WRN) and Cardo Systems are celebrating by giving away four Cardo Scala Rider G4 PowerSet Bluetooth intercom systems, one each to four lucky readers.”

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