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“Considering the recent United States legislation that has come out against drivers using cellular phones behind the wheel, I haven’t heard anything about similar laws being passed on motorcyclists."

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cardo scala rider Q2more details…

“When you have a passenger on the back of your bike and you are both wearing the SCALA RIDER Q2 ultimate motorcycle helmet headset system, it makes the ride that much more enjoyable.”

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cardo scala rider Q2more details…

“The excellent bike to bike capability, the ability to have two Buddies configured..."

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cardo scala rider Q2 more details…

“Hooked up to a mobile phone, the Scala Rider Q2 also lets bikers chat it up, hands-free. "

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cardo scala rider Q2more details…

"The Q2 allows bikers to receive GPS voice instructions, communicate with the passenger on the back seat, conduct calls on their mobile phone (as long as it has Bluetooth), and listen to the embedded FM radio as you ride”

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