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What’s new in the scala rider G4 v3.0


Since several hundred thousand bikers are already using the G4, a new and exciting feature has been added to allow for spontaneous intercom connections with any G4 biker within sight: Click-to-Link™. No need for advance pairing or any preparation. Just “Click-to-Link” and create your own roadside social network.

 The Click-To-Link feature allows bikers to initiate spontaneous intercom calls to random G4 users who are within range. Users can always activate or deactivate this feature and choose to accept or reject incoming requests for such random connections.


 Volume Per Mode

The Volume Per Mode feature causes the G4 to memorize the most recently stored volume setting for each audio source (A2DP stereo, mobile phone, GPS, FM radio), so that whenever a user switches between modes, the G4 will automatically transmit sound at the previously set volume level.


Stand Alone A2DP

A dedicated audio channel was added to accommodate A2DP-enabled music devices (such as the iPod Touch 2G/3G/4G). This provides the G4 with parallel connectivity to an MP3 device and a mobile phone, so that users can seamlessly switch from one to the other.


 AGC Calibration

AGC sensitivity levels can now be set according to any user's particular needs (Low, Medium, High) and can be re-adjusted whenever needed. Users can now set the optimal AGC level to accommodate their personal needs and adapt to specific driving conditions, thus avoiding excessive or insufficient AGC responsiveness. Users will set and/or readjust their desired AGC sensitivity levels as needed via the PC software or in the Voice Configuration Menu directly on the G4.


VOX Calibration

VOX sensitivity levels can now be set according to the user's particular needs (Low, Medium, High) and can be adjusted by the end user whenever needed. The end user will be able to set the optimal VOX level for specific driving habits (lower VOX sensitivity for fast driving, etc. and vice versa) via the PC software or in the Voice Configuration Menu directly on the G4.


 Automatic Radio Tuning

One-Button-Push to search for and temporarily set up to six radio station presets: For users travelling outside their home region. To reactivate their original six station presets after returning to the home region, users just need to turn the unit off and on again.


 Automatic Scan (FM Radio)

Automatically scan for the next available station. If the user finds a station he wants to listen to, one press of a button will stop the Scan before the system continues to automatically search for the next station.


 New Voice Configuration Menu

The new Voice Configuration Menu lets users easily change G4 settings and customize their unit without the need for a computer. The following settings may be configured via the Menu:

  • Language
  • Enable/Disable Click to Link
  • Enable/Disable VOX
  • Set VOX sensitivity level
  • Set AGC sensitivity level
  • Enable/Disable RDS
  • Enable/Disable Spoken Status Announcements

… of course you can also choose to configure these settings via the PC software.


Click here for Version 2.3 and Below