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Welcome to the Cardo Software Upgrade Center.

To upgrade or configure the software of your G4, you must first download the Cardo Upgrades application to your PC.
Once downloading is completed, proceed with installation.


Download cardo upgrades software (32-bit Version)

Download Now

*The current version of this upgrade does not yet support 64 bit Operation Systems.We will offer 64 bit OS in the near future. Also: At this point the software only supports PC Windows® Operation Systems XP® and Vista®.


Installation Guide

Please review this brief guide. It will guide you to press the right buttons on the pop-up windows during the installation and configuration process. Also, make sure to configure your browser to allow pop-up windows.


Step 1: Press the Download link on this page

Step 2:

a.Press “Save” to save setup.exe file on your desktop.


download cardo updates


b. Save file on your desktop.


download cardo updates


c. Close Dialog Box when Download complete



download cardo updates


Step 3: Double-click on the icon below from your desktop


download cardo updates


Step 4:Press “Run”


download cardo updates

If you get the message “This archive is corrupted” Press the OK button and go back to step 1 to download the software again.


Step 5: Press “Next”


download cardo updates


Step 6:

  1. Read the terms in the License Agreement
  2. Select the option “I accept the terms in the License Agreement”.

    download  cardo updates

  3. Press “Next”


Step 7:” Press “Next”


download cardo updates


Step 8: Press “Install”


download cardo updates


Step 9:” Press “Finish”



download cardo updates


The following window will open .Please read the brief instructions on how to proceed to first use and close the window


download cardo updates