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Cardo “Firsts”

Innovation is at the core of Cardo’s corporate DNA and it is therefore no surprise that our R&D department comprises more than a third of the entire Cardo workforce.  

With the launch of the first scala rider headset back in January 2005, Cardo had introduced a new product category to the market, in fact it was the birth of world’s first Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets*.

Since then, we never stopped working closely with our best advisers, that is motorcycle rider community from all over the world. We listen to their suggestions, complaints and needs and come up with solutions and innovations that are unmatched in the market. Many of the innovations we have introduced were subsequently adopted by competing products, eventually becoming an industry standard. 

The cardo community® web platform is a unique portal that offers motorcycle riders a  true social network experience.  Among others, it provides the possibility to set up riding tours, find biker friends, join tours that others have posted and more.

Back in 2009 Cardo had pioneered the option for riders to download new software and personalize the features of their scala rider exactly according to their particular needs and preferences.

With the launch of  the cardo community web portal, users can now enrich their riding passion with a true social network experience:

 * Each user can assign a unique alias (or a real name) for their device. When touring others, rider can call each other via intercom by their chosen name or alias. 

 * Finding friends who share the same passion, pair their devices online and invite them to join a tour.

Since 2011, utilizing our vast knowledge and experience in Bluetooth technologies gained from the challenging motorcycling environment, we are now able to empower cyclists worldwide offering them the cardo BK-1 - world’s first Bluetooth communication and entertainment system for cyclists.

* The only other similar product in this category that was launched almost  concurrently was the HS810 by Motorola, but the company subsequently abandoned this line of products.